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Lemongrass Properties
Lemongrass is an anti-microbial and anti-bacterial herb. This means it will help limit bacterial or microbial growth on the skin. It can help ward off skin infections as well as lessen skin issues caused by bacterial infections, such as folliculitis and cellulitis. Lemongrass is also fungicidal, which means it helps cure fungus infections on the skin. The herb also acts as an astringent, which constricts the skin. This helps to minimize pores, limit the secretions of oil and provide a temporary skin-firming treatment.
Ginger Properties
Ginger on the skin can increase skin's radiance and decrease inflammation that may contribute to conditions such as psoriasis and acne. Ginger is an antioxidant, which means it inhibits harmful free radicals that cause skin damage and aging.

Complete Lash

Stimulate Your Natural Eyelash & Eyebrow Potential
Increases length, thickness and fullness with noticeable results in as little as 4 to 6 weeks.
64% Longer & Thicker Lashes*
Com Special peptides, vitamins and botanicals condition and improve ­exibility for fuller and thicker eyelashes and eyebrows
64% Darker, Fuller & Stronger*
CompleteLash high performance serum will prevent breakage of your lashes and help grow back eyelashes over time. This dye-free and paraben-free formula will make all shades of eyelashes and brows darker while increasing fullness 

Moroccan Mineral Dark Tan Lotion

Natural Key Ingredients:
• Jojoba Oil
• Vitamin E Oil
• Safflower Oil
• Hydrating Lipid Complex for Superior Hydration
Benefits: Moroccan Mineral® Dark Self-Tanning Lotion uses a combination of DHA and select hydrating botanicals, moisturizers and antioxidants to ensure a streak-free, long lasting sunless tan that looks incredibly realistic. 
Superior formula does not require consecutive applications to achieve "dark" results.
Advanced color guide "sets" when dry for little to no rub-off.
Smells like freshly crushed almonds sprinkled with sugar crystals, develops without offensive tan "odor".
Blends on easily, dries in minutes.
Deep, creamy brown results.
Color typically lasts 7+ days with just 1 application

Studio East Makeup

Baked Split Shadow

Professionally-coordinated, highly pigmented, baked eyeshadow duos.

Delivers intense color payoff in a velvety soft, crease-resistant formula.
Hypoallergenic, frangrance-free, paraben-free.